Rookie-Friendly Guide to Starting Your Own Natural Skincare Routine

With the influx and over-saturation of skincare products in the market today, it can be pretty challenging for rookies to pick and choose which products will be best suited for them. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to cut some of your worries and tell you which products are worth the investment.


Before buying anything or trying a new method, it’s important to determine your skin type. Do you have oily skin, do you struggle with dry and flaky skin, or maybe you just want to maintain your skin’s natural texture and condition. These are all important questions to ask yourself whenever you start formulating a skincare routine suited for you. This will help you determine which direction to look and what products to use your credit card for.


If you’ve determined what kind of skin you have, it’s time to address more specific concerns. These might include concerns regarding wrinkles, acne, irritation, or hyper-pigmentation. Once you’ve noted that, you can now start narrowing down the products you might want to use.
Not everything works for everyone. Knowing what kinds of skin problems you want to fix enables you to save time and money on products that aren’t worthy or suited for your concerns. So, if you’re doing some money management, we suggest you don’t skip this step.


Sorry to say, but there is no product available in the market that could solve skin concerns in one go. For most of us, achieving good skin involves concocting one or more products. This might, and will probably be 100 percent true to you, dear reader. You will need to figure out how much money and effort you want to pour in for this step.
There are several options in the market. Some are cheaper, and others will simply put a dent in your credit card bill. Knowing how much money you’re willing to spend will let you see products within your price range. This step will also help you in determining the amount of time you can spend on your skincare routine. If you’re the type of person with a lot of time on their hands, then maybe you can be a bit more generous with yourself and put on more products. However, if you’re on the go, invest in items that serve more than purpose to maximize the time you spend taking care of your skin.


So, you’ve determined your skin type, narrowed down your specific concerns, and made your budget. Now it’s time to start concocting your own unique mix of skincare items.
If you want to go down the organic route, you can try more natural items to treat your skin problems. For example, you can use almond, olive, or coconut oil as a moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, try using tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, or diluted lemon juice. Meanwhile, yogurt, milk, and honey work best for people with combination skin.
As for scrubs, the natural options you have are brown sugar, dried oats, and strawberries. Nature definitely has gifted us with several natural options, making it the best investment.


Of course, introducing yourself to a new routine can be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. The key here is to start slow. Maybe you can start with just two products/items first and gradually build up your routine from there. Repeating the steps each day will allow you to do it for a long time. You don’t have to exert a massive degree of effort the first time. Just start small and go from there.