Celebrity Couples Who Like to Keep it Low Key

As part of pretty much their daily lives, celebrities constantly hog the spotlight. However, there comes a time when they had to live normal lives. Thus, they tend to find ways to keep their private lives under the radar. Such investments can be tedious, especially for those who have a very high profile. However, the rewards can be worth it for them. This extends to their love lives. In this instance, some celebrities add extra effort to keep their romantic lives private. This is because gossips can run about without them knowing. One mistake and their love lives are pretty much out in the open for all to see, which may jeopardize their love life altogether.
However, there are some celebrities whose romantic relationships have been kept discreet all these years. In fact, it is so discreet that we do not even know that they’re dating, to begin with. As a result, it can come as a surprise to even their most dedicated and devoted to fans. Here are some celebrity couples that kept their relationship hidden so well that nobody knew they were dating!

1. Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have maintained a low-key wholesome relationship for nearly six years. However, they actually first locked eyes years prior back in 2005 at a party. At the time, Paulson was dating Cherry Jones. They met again in 2015 and this time, Taylor slid into the actress’ DMs while both were working on Martha Plimpton’s project. In November of that same year, she revealed that she was dating Paulson, although she left out her name during a radio interview.

In December of the same year, their relationship became official. Since then, they have been increasingly spotted in public events such as film premieres and red-carpet events. While they have made an investment in maintaining their relationship, many took notice of their 32-year age gap, with Paulson being the junior of the two. Despite this, this did not deter their love.